This is a Personal Portfolio


Welcome to a site of weird and wonderful projects and blogs.

Who Am I?

My name is Christopher Greaves, I am a software developer for a C# based company, but like to experiment with other languages such as Golang and Processing. I am fairly new to the world of software development, but I have definitely found my passion. I have worked on both Front-end and Back-end solutions, however I am starting to lean more to the backend side of development (Hence why this increased interest in Golang). I have a tendency to learn something and obsess over it for a little while until I am sure on how it works, and where it is useful. I am constantly coding small experiments / projects to help me understand and practice areas of software development I haven’t touched yet.
This is where this website comes in.

What Is This Website?

This is an area where I can show, and more importantly explain the projects I do. Most of the projects I do are quick experiments that I have in my head, and just want to quickly complete and learn from. This often means I don’t document anything and it ends up becoming just some files in a folder that I forget about. This website is to encourage me to document what I wanted to learn and what I did end up learning, as to avoid repeating my self in the future. It should also make it much easier for me to find code I have already written quickly, without needing to trail through tonnes of badly named git repos on my local machine.

What Would You Get Out Of It?

Probably nothing. Like I said, its for me to force myself to document what I’m doing. If you do end up taking something from this website, that’s awesome!

What Projects You Got In Mind?

Below is a list of things that I plan to work on and upload here. (In no particular order)